Any individual with a communication impairment, family members or representatives, service providers, and employers throughout Wyoming are eligible to borrow equipment from the WYRED Loan Program. WYRED applicants who either do not meet the eligibility criteria or do not wish to provide their financial resources may also borrow equipment. The WYRED Loan Program provides the following free of charge services:


  • Short-term equipment loans to allow an individual to try a product prior to purchasing on their own, to ensure the equipment will meet their needs (WYRED Loan Agreement to be completed);

  • Assistance with equipment selection, features, and troubleshooting; and

  • Referrals to equipment vendors from whom the product(s) may be purchased.

For more information about the WYRED Loan Program, please contact:

Dominique Maestas, Equipment Distribution Specialist

307-259-3979 (voice/TTY)   

dominique.maestas@wyo.gov (email)  
dws-wyrelay@wyo.gov (email)

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