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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What do I need to participate in an event?

The minimum system requirements for attending an event are:

  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or newer, or OS X

  • A high-speed Internet connection required

How to cancel a scheduled RCC event? 

We understand cancellations or event changes may occur. 

Follow these guidelines to cancel or make changes to a scheduled event:

  1. Respond to the original RCC email confirmation for cancellations or event changes.

  2. Each event must be canceled at least 24 hours before the start of the event.

  3. When multiple event requests are submitted (i.e. for a multi-day conference or workshop), a unique ID is created for each request. In order to cancel the event, each request must be cancelled separately. Cancel by replying to the confirmation email for the specific day(s) that need to be cancelled.

Can I have a private conversation with the captioner?

Commentary and discussion directly with the captioner that is not a part of the call should be avoided. Your captioner is there to capture the dialogue and deliver it to you in realtime.

What is the Message Center?

The Message Center is the section on the website that shows the participant what messages were sent to the captioner and the captioner’s responses to those messages. It acts in much the same manner as a chat window but the communication from the captioner is highly restricted within the Message Center. No one else can view this private dialogue. Only text that appears on the live transcript window becomes a part of the transcript.

How do I change the display of the text?

The settings feature from the captioning screen allows the ability to change the following:

  • Font Style

  • Font Size

  • Background Color

  • New Text

  • Display New Text

  • Delay (0-60 sec)

What is the Delay (0-60 sec) for?

This feature within Settings controls how long it takes for new text to appear in the live transcript. Higher intervals will display larger blocks of text at a slower rate, lower intervals display smaller blocks of text at a higher rate.

What is Message Captioner?

With this feature participants can type what they would like the captioner to voice into the conference call.

What is my limit to type into the Message Captioner?

There is no limit to the amount of text that can be typed into this box. The text that is typed into this box will be displayed to the captioner after the return key is pressed on the keyboard. This text is then voiced into the call by the captioner, and the text is displayed in the live transcript. 

What is the Transcript button for?

A transcript is the full text of the conference call from the time that the captioner connected into the audio. Depending on the options selected by the person who scheduled the captioning, the transcript can be downloaded and printed out at the participant’s discretion by clicking this button. If the organizer of the event wishes that no transcripts can be saved, then the users will not be allowed to download or print out the transcripts.  A participant’s late arrival during the session will not affect the availability of the full text as it is determined by the captioner’s arrival to the event and not the users.

Can my transcript be encrypted?

Yes, SSL encryption is available on all RCC events.


How can I print or save a transcript after a webinar?

If requested, the transcript is available on the page linked in the confirmation email from the time immediately following the webinar through the end of that day.

After the day of the webinar, the host of the webinar may submit an email request along with the event ID to for a copy of the transcript.

Email request for transcripts should be submitted within one week of the webinar.

Can I adjust the size of my browser window?

Yes, you can adjust the window to any size that you want, and your settings do not affect anyone else's display. We, recommend that your screen resolution be at 1024x768 pixels or higher and the browser window be set to full screen to allow for bigger font sizes that some users may require.

What if I can speak for myself?

If you prefer to speak directly into the discussion or conference call, please join the audio conference bridge provided for all participants. You will be able to read everything captioned from the Relay Conference Captioning link and respond directly using a telephone (standard or mobile).

Troubleshooting Issues

If the words stop showing up, what does that mean?

If there are no words being displayed on the screen, it could mean that the event has ended or nobody is speaking at that exact moment. Make sure the captioner is present and that the event is still underway. If you are having trouble with the event for any reason, pressing the refresh button on the browser may alleviate your issue.


What is required for the captioner to connect to an event?

The primary requirement is access to the audio via a conference bridge and access code.

Do you have any contact so I can call for problems/questions?

Please contact your event organizer or host for support information. 


For technical or captioning issues during an event, please email or call (833) 250-2784 in order to troubleshoot real-time and ensure captions are received."

General Questions

What’s the purpose of this service?

The purpose of this service is to allow people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability to participate on conference calls.  The captioner joins the same conference bridge in order to caption the scheduled conference call or webinar.

How do I get audio for the event?

The words that are spoken in the event and captioned by the captioner are not spoken out loud using the RCC service. If you wish to listen in on the spoken words being captioned, contact your event organizer.

What is the cost of this service?

There are no cost to the user for RCC service. However their may be charges related to the event (i.e. usage charges, long-distance charges, webinar fees, etc.)

Will this be recorded? Do I have privacy?

The text of the event may be subject to recording via saved transcripts. This option is at the sole discretion of the host or scheduler of the conference call or webinar.

Can this service be used anywhere?

The service can be used anywhere with an Internet connected PC or mobile device and captioner access to the event’s audio conference bridge.

What is the Web Conference URL on the ordering page?

Enter the URL if you are hosting a web conference. If you are not hosting a web conference, leave this field blank.

Do I need to provide a Teleconference phone number for a Web Conference?

If you are using a VoIP (Voice over IP) provider for a Web Conference, enter 000-000-0000 as the Teleconference phone number and include the VOIP information in the Event Details. A web conference URL is needed to Book the Event.  If you are not using VoIP, a Teleconference number is required.    

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