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STS caller

711 or
877-787-0503 (English)
800-829-2783 (Spanish)

People with a speech disability, or those who use a voice synthesizer, can use their own voice on a STS relay call


The Communications Assistant, specially trained to understand unique speech patterns, repeats the words exactly as they are spoken to their caller.

Speech-to-Speech (STS)

How Does STS Relay Work?


The STS user speaks directly to the other party.​

The Communications Assistant repeats the STS user's spoken words if needed.

How much is revoiced is up to the STS user; all of the conversation or only what's not understood.


The other party talks directly to the STS user.

STS diagram

VIDEO: Wyoming Relay Speech-to-Speech

VIDEO: STS Stuttering Solution

VIDEO: Andy Smith's Story

customer profile

STS Call Setup

The STS Call Setup feature allows STS users to send an email with call instructions or information to the Communications Assistant in advance.


STS users can complete this form online between
2 and 24 hours prior to the call.


The form includes information such as:

  • the number to call

  • the name of the other caller

  • special instructions

  • the subject of the call

  • and/or anything that makes it easier
    to complete the call.


Users must have their username and password set up prior to completing the form for the first time. To do this, fill out the Wyoming Relay STS Customer Profile Form.


Learn more on how to set up your customer profile.

Please note that this feature cannot be used to request a specific relay operator.

STS Call Set up form online

Customer Profile for STS Users

TRS Customer Profile allows STS users who access relay through a toll-free number to submit their user preferences such as:

  • Repeat everything

  • Repeat when not understood

  • Create a unique STS user ID

STS users will have the flexibility of updating their user preferences as needed. User information is confidential and secure.

Read instructions on how to set up your customer profile.

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