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Signaling Devices  

Wyoming Relay Equipment Distribution Program (WYRED) can assist individuals with signaling devices for their landline or wireless phones. The following are examples of signaling devices (landline compatible, landline & cellphone compatible, and cellphone) that are distributed to the eligible applicants:

Landline Compatible Signaling Devices  

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Sonic Ring Elite Deluxe TR75VR Telephone Signaler

  • Three distinct flash patterns

  • Connects to regular house lamp

  • Still allows normal light while signaling

  • Compatible with the following remote signalers: Sonic Blink BL300, Sonic Link Deluxe Remote
    Receiver SA201, and the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Sonic Ring Telephone Signaler

Sonic Alert SA201 Deluxe Remote Receiver

  • Alerts by flashing any lamp plugged into its plug outlet

  • An extra plug-outlet to plug in other items

  • The signaling lamp can also be used for normal room lighting with the lamp’s on/off switch


Sonic Alert BL300 Strobe Receiver

  • Built-in, high intensity strobe light

  • Projects 360 degrees when flashing

  • Portable for places a lamp is not normally used

  • Plug into a wall electrical outlet

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 4.41.55 PM.png

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

  • Combination of flashing lights, shaking bed, and/or audio alarm

  • Built-in deluxe remote receiver

  • Includes Bed Shaker

  • Telephone alerting requires the Sonic Ring Sig-naler TR75VR

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

ClearSounds CS-CR200


  • Extra loud ringer – up to 95 dB

  • Adjustable tone control

  • Bright flashing strobe light

  • Wall or desk mount

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 4.44.33 PM.png

Krown Phone Strobe

  • Landline and videophone compatible

  • Powered by the phone line

  • Bright 10 candela LED

  • Alerts visually without audio

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 4.46.11 PM.png

Bellman & Symfon Visit Telephone Transmitter

  • Connects to the landline telephone

  • Includes 9V battery and Y-jack 3.5 mm jack

  • Transmit to all Bellman & Symfon Visit Line telephone receivers (listed below in the next section)


Sonic Alert HomeAware HA360VPT Telephone Transmitter

  • Landline, videophone, and fax compatible

  • Will signal to the HA360M Main Unit

  • Range is up to 1000 feet between transmitter and the main unit

Sonic Alert HomeAware HA360VPT .jpeg

SquareGlow Phone Transmitter with Flashing Receiver

  • Landline and videophone compatible

  • 7 customizable LED colors

  • 52 ringtones

  • Extra loud ringer up to 120 dB

  • Range of up to 600 feet


Landline & CellphoneCompatible Signaling Devices

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Serene Innovations RF200

  • Loud ringer and bright flashing light to alert

  • Connector for an optional bed shaker

  • Alerts for incoming phone calls, text messages, alarms, FaceTime, Skype, etc.

  • USB port for charging cellphone

  • Detection through vibration of cellphone or plugged into landline device

Serene RF200

Bellman & Symfon Visit Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

  • Extra loud volume up to 100 dB

  • Four flashing LED lights

  • Large LCD display with backlight

  • Adjustable tones

  • Battery backup power


Bellman & Symfon Visit Flash Receiver

  • Powerful strobe light and colored LEDs

  • Twist top to the left or right to direct light in different directions

  • Approx. operating range up to 100 feet

  • Built-in phone jack for standalone notification of landline device


Bellman & Symfon Visit Portable Audible Receiver

  • Extra loud volume up to 90 dB

  • Various sounds and LED light signaling options

  • Portable unit to take up to 100 feet away from the transmitter

Bellman & Symfon Visit Portable Audible Receiver.jpeg

Bellman & Symfon Visit Pager Receiver

  • Alert with vibrations and lights for various alarms

  • Small enough to put in pocket or attach to a band

  • Approx. operating range about 100 feet

  • Includes one AAA battery

Bellman & Symfon Visit Pager Receiver.jpeg

Sonic Alert HomeAware Bridge Unit

  • Allows traditional Sonic Alert receivers to work with the HomeAware alerting system (the next device listed below)

  • Requires the Sonic Alert HomeAware System to operate

  • Only wireless system available that is compatible with the Sonic Alert receivers

Sonic Alert HomeAware Bridge Unit.jpeg

HomeAware Alarm Clock with a Bed Shaker

  • Extra loud ringer up to 110 dB

  • Powerful bed shaker and bright strobe

  • Volume and tone control for audible alarm

  • Caller ID and scrolling text for easy reading on a large LED screen

  • Automatic dimmer dual alarm and snooze functions

HomeAware Alarm Clock with a Bed Shaker.jpeg

Cellphone Signaling Devices  

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Sonic Bomb SS100BT2

  • Bluetooth connect to wireless device through Sonic Bomb App (Android or Apple)

  • Bed shaker must be plugged into wall outlet for power

  • Alert for texts, phone calls, alarms, emails and social media

  • Snooze button in app

Sonic Bomb SS100BT2.jpeg

Sonic Bomb SS125BT

  • Bluetooth connect to wireless device through Sonic Bomb App (Android or Apple)

  • Portable bed shaker that is charged

  • Alerts for texts, phone calls, alarms, emails, and social media

  • Customizations – alarm duration and type, snooze time, vibration strength and patterns, etc.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 5.18.28 PM.png

Bellman & Symfon Visit Smart Phone Sensor

  • Compatible with smartphone and tablet

  • Detected through the light of the wireless device

  • Alerts incoming phone calls, text messages, email, FaceTime, social media, etc.

  • Can be utilized with compatible Bellman & Symfon Telephone Transmitter for more portability


Sonic Alert HomeAware Smart Phone Transmitter

  • Plugs into back of the HA360M Main Unit (listed above)

  • Creates a Bluetooth link with any smartphone through HomeAware app (Apple and Android)

  • Alerts for incoming phone calls and text messages

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 5.15.03 PM.png

How to Get Signaling Devices

For further information on signaling devices distributed by WYRED, please:

  • Contact Dominique Maestas, WYRED Equipment Distribution Specialist, via:

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