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Please, Don't Hang Up Campaign

If you have experienced a hang-up when placing a relay call, contact Wyoming Relay let them know. We are on a mission to increase awareness and let businesses know the importance of not hanging up on relay services!

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Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Advisory Committee 

The Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Advisory Committee advises the State of Wyoming, Division of Vocation Rehabilitation on the administration of Wyoming Relay and the equipment distribution program.  To obtain more information regarding the duties of the TRS Advisory Committee, the current members, the application process, and to obtain an application to serve on the TRS Committee, go to

Telecommunications Service Provider Information

Information on the requirements for telecommunications service providers to remit the special fee, the current per line/account amount of the special fee, the remittance process, and forms can be found at  Beginning first quarter 2019, Telecommunications Service Providers may file their special fee remittance using the online portal.

Sign Language Interpreters

The general public can find a list of sign language interpreters providing services in Wyoming and information on how to find and use sign language interpreters (including the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct for interpreters) at

Sign Language interpreters interested in being included on the list of interpreters and/or contracting with the Wyoming Division of Vocational Rehabilitation can find the required form to complete as well as a generic invoice, which can be used when billing services to the Wyoming Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, at

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