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Corded Amplified Telephone  

The following are examples of corded amplified telephones distributed by the Wyoming Relay Equipment Distribution Program (WYRED) to eligible applicants:

Clarity Alto Plus

  • One of the first to be TIA-4953 certified (Telecommunications Industry of America)
    on new standards for acoustic performance and tone control in amplified phones

  • Handset volume of 53dB, outgoing speech amplification of 15dB

  • Speakerphone and many other features!

Geemarc BDP400

  • Vocalization of all menu, names, numbers, and commands, including Caller ID.

  • Big buttons, speakerphone, and wall mountable.

Geemarc BDP400

ClearSounds CS1000

  • Contains 55dB handset amplification, 30dB duplex speakerphone, built-in answering machine with slow-playback, and 8 photo speed dial buttons. 

  • The large keypad and talking features assist users with vision loss.

ClearSounds CS1000

Clarity JV35

  • Contains up to 50 dB amplification

  • Extra loud (95+ dB) ringer with flashing visual ringer

  • Hearing Aid and T-Coil compatible

  • Three (3) programmable one-touch emergency buttons with Braille characters

Clarity JV35

Clarity HA-40 Inline Phone Amplifier

  • You don’t have to replace your phone with this device, as it works with your current corded phone.

  • The HA-40 amplifies incoming sounds up to 40 dB and works with any analog or digital landline.

  • The BOOST button eliminates background noise and the tone selector assists with speech clarity.

Clarity HA-40 Inline Phone Amplifier

ClearSounds CS-IL95W

  • Contains up to 40 dB amplification

  • Works with current corded phone for easy installation

  • Adjustable tone control

  • Powered AC adapter

ClearSounds CS-IL95W.jpeg

Speech Adjust-a-Tone


  • This device works like the above device except it is more complex with six adjustable frequency controls for base, mid and treble range together with volume control.

  • The Speech Adjust-a-Tone amplifies 40-120 dB.

Speech Adjust-a-Tone

How to Get Corded Amplified Telephones

For further information on corded amplified telephones distributed by WYRED, please:

  • Contact Dominique Maestas, WYRED Equipment Distribution Specialist, via:

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