Webinar (noun) /we-bi-när/: 

a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.


Join one of our monthly webinars to learn about Wyoming Relay.  The webinars are accessible with sign language, English interpretation and live captions.

They’re free!  Our webinars are available at no cost to anyone who lives or works in Wyoming.

Here’s How to Join our Webinars

Simply fill out the form below (coming soon), select the webinar(s) that you would like to join and click the “Register” button.  You will receive a confirmation email with the details for joining your selected webinar(s).


If you are interested in a webinar(s) on a different date/time than listed below, please email Chameen Stratton, Customer Relations Manager for Wyoming Relay, at chameen.r.stratton@t-mobile.com.

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