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Mobile RCC

Mobile Relay Conference Captioning (Mobile RCC) gives you the freedom to participate in a conference call while on the road. Mobile RCC is a service available for mobile devices providing secure real-time text of your conference call to your Smartphone or tablet.

How does Mobile RCC work?

  • Make sure to book an event 48 hours in advance (2 business days)

  • Tap the RCC confirmation link (in your email) from your mobile device. 

  • Enter your name
    (used for identification purposes only).​

  • Tap CONTINUE to read captions.


* Data charges may apply.

Message Captioner:

Should you wish to have “Message Captioner” enabled for your event, you can simply let us know at the time an order is submitted.  This will allow RCC participants to "speak" into the event by passing a message through the captioner. When the captioner receives a message from a mobileRCC participant the captioner will read the message aloud, for the benefit of hearing participants, and simultaneously caption the message into the event.



When using “Message Captioner”, it does not make use of SMS, MMS or other messaging services managed by your wireless provider.  However, wireless data rates may apply.

Mobile RCC users who wish to speak for themselves will need two devices, one for a voice connection and one for a data connection.

Mobile RCC
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