For people who don't have Internet access, the CapTel 840 relies on a landline (analog telephone line) to provide captions and voice. This is also known as a one-line CapTel. The CapTel 840 can automatically connect to the captioning service for all calls dialed when the captioning button is on.


Individuals calling the CapTel user will need to first dial the toll-free number 1-877-243-2823 and enter the phone number of the CapTel user in order for the call to be captioned. If the Captel users number is dialed directly the call will be completed without captions.

CapTel 840 Phone Features

  • Requires an analog phone line. DSL can be supported if using an appropriate filter

  • Large screen with easy-to-read captions

  • Built-in answering machine with captions

  • One touch button to reach customer service 24/7

  • Available in Spanish

  • Live captioning service at no charge

CapTel 840

CapTel 840 model

Requirement for CapTel 840

Line 1:*

Telephone line:

  • Analog

  • DSL with digital filter


Line 2 (optional):*

2nd analog telephone line


* Not compatible with PBX system
    unless an analog port is available.

CapTel 840 setup diagram

VIDEO: CapTel 840 Overview